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Why haven't I seen a lot of lenticular stuff? I mean, if it has been around so long, how come it has not been popular until now?
Is lenticular like holograms?
What is the advantage of lenticular over holograms?
How many frames can I put into a lenticular image?
You refer to a lens. What is this lens?
What is the lens made from?
Can I cut this lens myself?
Does your lens come in deferent sizes and thickness'?
What is the difference in your lenses?
What lens is good for my application?
Can I use my 3D rendering program with Lenticular F/X?
If I want to create files in my 3D rendering program, how do I decide which views to render, and in what order?
Can I use art or photos that were not created in a computer?
Do all my images need to be the same size, aspect ratio, or format?
Can I use Lenticular F/X on my Macintosh computer?
Can I use video?
If I want to use video, how do I get it into my computer?
Are there any video cards you recommend?
I understand about 2D animation, but how do I do 3D?
Do I need a special camera or setup to shoot 3D?
Is there a cheap and dirty way to shoot 3D?
What is parallax?
How much parallax should I have?
Can I have 3D and animation?
How big can I go?
How small can I go?
Are there any special considerations when I tile several images on a page?
Can I place an already interlaced image into another interlaced image?
Can I rescale my interlaced image to make it bigger?
How do I make type or logos flash on and off?
The flashing type or logo in my piece never completely disappears. Why?
How big should I make my prepared files?
My finished piece doesn't look right, I see more than one of my images at a time. What could be wrong?
My finished piece seems to roll from image to image instead of flipping, why?
The pieces I have seen that are transparent seem to have more flips than what I can do on my inkjet printer. Why is that?
My printer is 600 dpi, with a 40 line lens, shouldn't I be able to get 15 frames, because 600 divided by 40 is 15 ?
I have type and a logo on my piece that are not interlaced, but part of them still flashes on and off. How can I keep this from happening?
I need to make a piece that will be displayed on a curve, like the front of a soda machine. How will this affect my piece?
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