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I understand about 2D animation, but how do I do 3D?
3D is done by capturing successive views of the subject, each from a slightly different angle. The camera or virtual camera ( in the case of 3D programs ) captures an image, then is moved in increments to the left for each successive capture. The total amount of offsets is called parallax. The camera or virtual camera can be trucked or pivoted around a point. The amount of movement between views is the amount of parallax divided by the number of views. A typical scenario is: with a subject 6 feet away photographed with a standard lens ( not wide angle, and not telephoto ) total parallax of 6 inches, with 12 views ( inkjet quality ). After each photo you would move the camera 1/2 inch. It is also important that your subject does not fall outside of the frame in any of the photos. If so, move back and use more parallax. A good rule of thumb is not have more parallax than 1/6 of your image.
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