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How much parallax should I have? 
To make the most realistic 3D, the amount of parallax shift, or total offsets of your virtual camera should be equal to the angle of view of the lens ( lenticular sheet ). The angle of view of a lens is how many degrees you must rotate the piece until it repeats itself. Typically from around 20 degrees ( best for 3D depth ) to about 45 degrees ( best for animation ). For more information about a particular lens, please refer to our lens properties chart. A typical scenario is: with a subject 6 feet away photographed with a standard lens ( not a wide angle, and not telephoto ), total parallax of 6 inches, with 12 views ( inkjet quality ), after you would move the camera 1/2 inch. It is also important that your subject does not fall outside of the frame in any of the photos. If so, move back and use more parallax. A good rule of thumb is to not have more parallax than 1/6 of your picture.
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