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You refer to a lens. What is this lens? 
The piece of plastic with the ribs or bumps is called a lens, or lenticular sheet. It is actually a lens, complete with an angle of view ( ( how much you can move the piece before the interlaced images repeat themselves ), and a depth of field ( viewing distance ). The viewing distance is the range of distances where the piece functions properly. If you are outside the viewing range, the piece seems to roll, or you may see more then one image at a time. The viewing distance can be changed by slightly changing the number used as the LPI in the Lenticular F/X dialog box. Your viewing distance would be different if you were making a piece that was designed to be held in your hand ( a viewing distance of 18 inches ) than if you were making a piece that is large and designed to be viewed from across the room ( a viewing distance of 10 to 20 feet ).
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